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Join us!

Wanna see more movie-musicals? So do we! We are launching a nationwide campaign to increase the number of Oscar-qualifying musicals this year and in the future. Inspired by our friends Nick and Julia at UNC, we are launching a campaign to activate the Oscar category for ‘Best Original Musical.’ This dormant category can be activated if enough musicals of sufficient quality qualify for the Academy Awards!


We are reaching out to students and filmmakers across the country and challenging them to join us and make a musical in 2020 for the chance to win an OSCAR.


How will we achieve this goal? By making a high-quality Indie-film and submitting to film festivals! Film festivals will give our film exposure to distributors who could give our film an LA County theatrical release, making us Oscar-eligible. And you can do it too! Make a musical in 2020, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any help or guidance along the way.


Check out our perks for donating!

$1 or more!

  • Our love and undying gratitude

$10 or more!

  • Receive some cute DaViD stickers

$20 or more!

  • Receive a cute DaViD button!!!

$50 or more!

  • Signed postcard from the Cast and Crew

$100 or more!

  • A personal jingle written in the style of your choice from one of the composers!

$200 or more!

  • Exclusive DaViD t-shirt!

$300 or more!

  • CD of the score after theatrical release

$500 or more!

  • Signed script from the cast!

$750 or more!

  • Special thanks in the credits and personal thank-you facetime

$1,000 or more!

  • Invitation to private screening

$2,500 or more!

  • Associate producer credit

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