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meet some the people behind the project


line producer



writer/associate producer




marketing/public relations

Davis Williams is an artist who writes and performs for both stage and film. He will earn a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Georgia Institute of Technology.


After his degree, he hopes to continue to find ways of working with the arts. His other works include the short plays “An Appealing Murder”, “Sleepless in IKEA”, and “Elaine”, all of which premiered at various 24 hour play festivals.


Currently, he is working on the full-length stage musical “Scout Camp”, for which he is working on the book and lyrics.

Davis is serving as an associate producer as well as helping write the book and lyrics for DaViD.

Gracelyn Nguyen is an artist with a passion for music, theatre, and stage management. She will earn her bachelor's degree in Neuroscience from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2021. 

While this may be her first foray into film, this is not her first experience with marketing, musicals, or other members of this creative team. She worked with Jackson and Bryce previously in stage managing their premiere production of "Post Mortem" in 2018. She has also lent her voice to one of Lina's other projects, an original stage musical.  Gracelyn currently serves Georgia Tech's student-run theatre, DramaTech, as their marketing director.


Gracelyn is serving as the head of marketing and public relations as well as being the co-assistant director for DaViD.

Dan Allison, a Georgia Tech graduate with a degree in Public Policy, has been working with Lina, Bryce, and Jackson on short films such as “Start Over” since 2016.


While his previous film experience includes credits such as key grip, prosthetic artsist, craft services, and driver,


Dan is thrilled to apply his project management experience to his work as a Line Producer on DaViD.





writer/executive producer



Bryce Irvin is an artist with passions in film, television, theatre, and music. He will earn a bachelor’s degree in Music Technology with a minor in Film and Media Studies in Georgia Tech’s Class of 2020 and plans on continuing to join his passions to create new and exciting projects.

Bryce’s television series concept “Indigo” which he created and co-developed was a Top 10 Finalist in the PlayStation Emerging Filmmakers Program, for which he was flown to Hollywood to discuss the series with Sony executives and industry professionals. His stage play “Post Mortem” had its workshop and premiere in Atlanta in 2018. His work in film, including writing, directing, and sound editing, has received several accolades across various competitions and festivals.

Bryce serves as producer and as the head book writer for DaViD in addition to co-writing music and lyrics. He will also be fulfilling the duties of the sound editor for the film.

Lina Zikas Photo.png

Lina Zikas is a filmmaker with a passion for musical theater. A graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Materials Science Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology, she applies her love of science to her pursuit of filmmaking.

Her short film "Start Over" of which she was songwriter and producer was represented in the Court Métrage in the 2018 Cannes International Film Festival. Her musical films have received Jury awards in Campus Movie Fest and Georgia Tech Film Scramble competitions, and she was awarded Campus Moviefest (Georgia Tech) best actor in 2015.


On this project, she will be executive producing as well as co-writing the music for the feature.


Jackson Vance has been cutting his teeth on directing and cinematography in Atlanta for the past few years while working on his degree at Georgia Tech. His efforts have included previous collaborations with Bryce and Lina, directing both Start Over and the premiere production of Post Mortem.

His other work includes the documentary From Nothing, for which he won Best Cinematography at the Georgia Tech Social Justice Film Festival, a multitude of sketches with sketch teams around Atlanta, and professional work in the lighting department on shows like TCM Noir and Paid Off. His background in improv, sketch, and stand-up comedy gels excellently with Bryce and Lina's hilarious musicals, and the challenge of finding and creating visual comedy from a script is one of his favorite elements of directing.

Jackson is thrilled to be joining Lina and Bryce for another project as Director and Cinematographer. Even if it means occasionally Camera Operating, Gaffing, Color Grading and anything else Lina's budget dictates.

Marketing Team

designer/marketing assistant


Georgia Institute of Technology,

Literature, Media, and Communications '21



designer/marketing assistant

Georgia Institute of Technology, Computational Media '19



Georgia Institute of Technology,

Biology + Neuroscience '20

Twitter + Instagram: @kaachiiin

designer/marketing assistant




Freddy is a well-known improviser and actor based in Atlanta, Georgia. As well as being in the general company of the Dad’s Garage improv troupe, he was most recently seen as the co-star of Megan Leahy’s play Ad Nauseam. Freddy frequently performs around Atlanta in improv and scripted shows. You can see him in the Dad’s Garage web-series The Garage and hear him on the hit podcast Your Secret’s Safe with Gus.




In addition to writing for DaViD, Bryce is excited to bring the character to life! Bryce has been an actor in theatre, particularly musical theatre, for nearly ten years. Over the last five years, he has performed in various roles at DramaTech Theatre. Jackson and Lina’s film Start Over was his first foray into performing in musical film, and he can’t wait to work with them for another project!


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